Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Sept. 18th at Heckscher

Heckscher would be the call again for Friday. When we pulled into the parking lot there was already a pretty good crowd. I rigged the 4.7 and was good to go. I was VERY powered when I first went out. I had a couple of really nice ponches, shakas and air flakas. I'm loving heckscher for all the power moves when it's blowing from the west. You get a nice little section between the chop to carve for the moves. Speaking of carving, I saw John Markwalter on fire yesterday. He hit the cleanest, fully planing sail body 360 I've ever seen. Seth learned how to jump, and yesterday I think he was trying to jump off every little ripple in the water he could find. So of course he's already looking to go for the next level and try some shuvit's. I gave him a few quick little hints to get him started, and when I saw him later on he said he actually tried one. Way to take it to the next level Seth! Ryan was coming sooooo close to so many vulcans. I thought I sw him get at least one, but he doesn't claim it if it's not perfect. I even saw one he could have easily turned into a spock if he would have just tried for it.

The word is also out that my 2010 gear should be here any day now, so people are calling dibs on it for next year already. If you might want something from my 2010 collection, let me know before someone beats you to it. As for my 2009 gear, I still have a 4.2, 3.7 and 85 ltr left unclaimed. My new sails should be coming in any day now, but no word on when the boards will be here yet.

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  1. It's great knowing team riders..I get my gear in Bonaire..need I say more?