Monday, February 9, 2015

Bonaire 2015

We're back from our 2015 trip to Bonaire. The wind was very light for most of the trip, but one day into the second week of the trip, we scored some solid wind. I was able to use the 4.8 Severne Freek for a little while, but the 5.2 was the call for most of the sailing. I think I pumped more in one week on the water in Bonaire than the entire year of 2014..... But, Bonaire is just an incredible place to be even when there isn't any wind. It sure beats the snow covered driveway I returned home to. Here is a video with some donkeys, snorkeling and of course, the windsurfing. Looking forward to next year!

Bonaire 2015...... from Mike Burns on Vimeo.