Friday, May 24, 2013

Incredible Day at Heckscher.

Another great shot from John Dunn!

Sometimes everything just comes together. Yesterday was solid 4.0 all day long at Heckscher State Park. Our usual launch at heckscher is still closed, but personally, I like the temporary launch the park was kind enough to let us use even better!! Yesterday we were at Filed 6. At the launch there are showers, drinking fountains, bathrooms, grassy rigging, picninc tables, and BBQ pits. The only downside is the longer walk to the water, which really isn't all that long. The hazards in the water are clearly marked and with 20 or so windsurfers on the water yesterday, nobody had any issues running into anything.

The water conditions at field 6 are just incredible for freestyle/ bump and jump sailing. Meaty ramps on both tacks for all sorts of big air trickery and the new sand bar in front of the pool keeps everything nice and flat for the tricky slidey stuff. I was in heaven yesterday! I did take a few runs over to field 7 (the normal windsurfing beach) and the water seemed to organize a bit better there now too. I'm thinking some sand bars formed from the storm. Bonus!!! I can't wait to get my next session at heckscher! Hope to see you there!!