Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cold Spring is Not a Bad Thing.

In the North East of the US the temps have been way down this year. Last year on this date (March 20th) the high temp for the day was 71 degrees. Today when I woke up it was 31 degrees and the front porch was iced over from last night's hail storm. All of my friends are complaining about the cold weather. Dropping the kids off at school is paralleled with the mutterings of parents "this cold sucks" or "that stupid hedgehog has no idea what he's talking about." All I was thinking to myself today while dropping the kids off at school was, "Thank god it's still cold out. West Meadow will be working for sure!" You see, when the air temperatures start heating up in the spring, the cold layer of air that rests against the cold water won't let the warm air mix down. The result is no wind over the cold waters of the Long Island Sound. However, if the air is cold enough to mix with the cold air over the water, then it's windy day after windy day at my favorite windsurfing launch in the world. As I'm loading up the windsurf mobile to head to West Meadow again today, the thoughts of my 4.0/4.5 day there on Friday are fresh in my head. The wind lasted all day and just started to die off as the sun went down. John Dunn, an incredible photographer, was able to make it out to take some pics of the amazing sunset that we get at West Meadow. Hopefully I'll have a repeat today!