Wednesday, June 20, 2012

East Coast Windsurifng Festival Goes Off!!

With no wind you say? How can an event go off with so little wind. Well, the ECWF is about more than just the wind. It's about the sailors and getting everyone on the water to have fun. So with the maximum sustained wind of about 7 knots for the entire weekend, we knew we had our work cut out for us. But between the board toss sponsored by the New England Windsurfing Journal, SUP races, and of course all the light wind sailing a person can handle in a single weekend, there were smiles from ear to ear up and down Joe's Beach at Heckscher State Park on Long Island. Despite the very, very light forecast over 40 competitors showed up rigged and ready to sail. Day 1 saw light and variable conditions with the board toss and SUP races being the most action of the day. We did manage to have one race and one round of freestyle. before the wind totally died. Day 2 had the perfect wind if you were into light wind sailing. We got off another 3 races and plenty of rounds of freestyle to declare the victors. I'd like to thank all those that came out despite the less than desirable forecast to show their support for growing the sport. And the sponsors of the ECWF for showing their support. Every year, we have the event there are always passers by asking how they can get a lesson or where they can get some gear to learn. And last but not least, here are the winners from the 5th annual, East Cost Windsurfing Festival 2012. King of the East: Alex Hering Queen of the East: Jeanne Baummann Mens Freestyle 1) Alex Herring 2) George Pav 3) Peter Richterich 4) Jake Agoos 5) Pete Roesch Women's Freestyle 1) Nina Schweikardt 2) Jeanne Baummann 3) Deniz Kalaycioglu Men's Open Racing: 1) Bill Degeorge 2) Dean Oleksiak 3) Dan Cresci 4) Alex Hering 5) Florian Feuser Men's 7.5 limited racing 1) Pete Roesch 2) Joe Natalie 3) Dennis Grunbeck 4) Peter Richterich 5) Joe Giordano Women's Racing 1) Jeanne Baumann 2) Thandi Bradix 3) Deniz Kalaycioglu