Monday, July 12, 2010

I Found the Wind

Well, we've been getting some wind here on Long Island, but not the nice 20 to 25 knot stuff we've gotten used to this spring. Sure we get to break out the 5.9s a couple times a week, but where's the real wind? I personally haven't sailed anything smaller than the 5.9 in about 2 1/2 weeks and the online forums are filled with people complaining about a windless summer, and it's not even half over. So why is the wind on such a light side this year? I surely couldn't be the fact that the waters have warmed up cutting down the thermal effect that gives us our beloved 4.7 days, or that the fronts seem to just keep coming through right around 2PM when the thermals would normally start kicking in. Nope, it's not even Phil the wind killers fault that there's no wind. He hasn't event been to the beach since May when it WAS windy. No, no. The real reason the wind has disappeared is because F'ing Chachi has it! That's right Chachi is 5 days in of solid 4.2 sailing! And he's making it look pretty nice too on his new 75 ltr F2 and Northsails Ice 4.2. Maybe if we ask him nicely he'll share and let some of that wind float over to the East Coast.

I Shouldn't complain, I've been getting at least 1 or 2 days a week on the 5.9 or smaller at Heckscher since April, but here's a shot of Chachi being greedy at the Delta.


  1. yea, out of the last 8 consecutive days I sailed, 2 were 4.7 and rest were 4.2. I'm actually stoked they down-graded todays forecast from low 30's to mid 20's, my arms are getting tired.
    Want some wind? Book another wedding.

  2. Ha! Too true. I have weddings booked Friday and Saturday. Guess what days windfinder is calling for the first good wind in weeks.

  3. train hard..Feb. 5 in Bonaire is right around the corner...

  4. I know! Hopefully I'll be polishing up some new moves by then. Can't wait!