Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nice day at Shirley

It's been a while since the last update. Organizing a rather large windsurfing event, running my business, and the combined mischief of a two and a three year old have been keeping me busy to say the least. I managed to catch a break in the busy schedule and get on the water last week at Shirley. The forecast wasn't super, but the NW breezes turned out to be a gusty but fun 4.2 /4.7. It was great to sail the really flat water out the back of Kurt's house. The wind was really fickle near shore so throwing tricks for the camera was nearly impossible. The wind further out by the island was great though. I was working on the behind the back duck tack to set up for Culos and Konos for the first time. I had tried the sail throw a few times before, and in flat water it wasn't too hard, but when things got choppy, it was really difficult. My first attempt was the best of the day. I was wound up on my 4.2 but coming into a lull, which seemed to me to be the perfect time to duck the sail. So Duck I did! Now I'm planing full speed in the straps holding onto the sail in a weird twisted position behind my back. Well, that went better than planned, so I figured just go for it. I ended up popping the board out of the water, and actually made it half way around. Not bad for attempt #1. It's too bad that attempts # 2 through 20 weren't nearly as nice. Tomorrow is now promising to have some good wind, so I'm eager to try some more. The last move I've craved this bad was the shaka and it's still my favorite.

Here's how my beloved F2 Rodeo does a Culo with Steven Van Broekhoven riding it. So my board knows how to do it, so it's only a matter of time.

Steven van Broeckhoven Culo Planing from Windsurfmoves on Vimeo.


  1. You're working on a behind-the-back duck tack?

    I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you...

  2. It's ok Mr. Puffin. We all still love you even when you're grumpy. The move I'm working on is the one in the video. The Duck tack behind you is the easy part!

  3. I think behind the back duck tack is cooler

  4. It also might score higher points with some judges. Today did turn out to be a great day. I sailed 5.3 most of the day and even got a few runs on the 4.7. It was just run after run of practicing ducking the sail to set up for the culo. I'm really thinking I'm going to get it quicker than I thought. It was only day 2 of practicing the sail duck and I already got a bob/vulcan and then later on a full 360 bob sliding through it nicely. I can't wait for the next session!!!!

  5. real nice. Smooth.


  6. Golito just "upped the ante" with his latest invention "The Matador".

    You'll get added points for hurting your shoulder joints :-)