Monday, July 19, 2010

Looks Windy

Well, since we hit July, there hasn't been much real wind here on LI. I personally have missed the 2 good days of the month, but I've been managing to slip in some days on the 5.9 and 98 ltr Rodeo. This combo planes up so early that it tricks everyone else into rigging and getting out. I had a fun day yesterday and at 170 lbs, not only was I the only one planing that was on a sail smaller than 7.5, but it gets so powered so quickly that I had plenty of power for loops, flakas, shakas, etc. Go get yourself a Rodeo and 2010 Northsails 5.9 Duke. 12 knots and you're off! In the shots in the pictures the wind was about 13 or 14 knots.

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