Friday, January 15, 2010

Viewing for a Windless Winter

It's been weeks now since I've last sailed, and I've only had 3 days since November! Needles to say I really need a session. Luckily myself and about 25 or so other Long Islanders are heading to Bonaire in about 3 weeks. Every day I'm watching the webcam at Jibe City and picturing myself sliding across the crystal clear 85 degree water that's teasing me on a daily basis in front of the camera. When I'm not watching the webcam, I'm on the hunt for new Bonaire videos. This is a couple of my favorites from last year.


  1. Mike, I was just watching those the other day and then I noticed you posted them on your blog. Tonky really is incredible, I spent at least half an hour studying his sail pass for the culo, bob, kono, funnel and all the other variations. It's so smoothe and efficient.
    Anyway, hope you bring back some of those moves from bonaire so you can teach me.

  2. Looking forward to windsurfing in Bonaire is what gets me through the winter. Thanks for posting the video links - I could watch Caesar, Tonky & friends all day (all though preferably from the Jibe City bar :)