Tuesday, October 6, 2009

West Meadow is Back!!!!!

Well, many people know about the killer sessions to be had at West Meadow Beach on LI. West Meadow is a very special place. It has something for everyone, whether it be a speed freak, freestyle pro, or wave jumping machine. Yesterday, Monday October 5th, was my first taste of the version of West Meadow that I have come to love more than any other place I've ever sailed. Dead Low tide at Da'Meadow is perfect for freestyle. The silkiest smooth water you've ever sailed is there for the sliding in between each set of the sandbars.

When I left to head to the beach I wasn't very hopefull. The trees by my house were loosing some leaves from what seemed to be a nice breeze, but the iwindsurf meters weren't showing much. Then I saw Sasha's post on the LI windsurf groups. "Rigging 5.7 at West Meadow" That was all it took to get me out the door. 20 minutes and a couple of phone calls later I was at the beach. George Pav and Ryan were also in route.

When I pulled into the parking lot I saw some whitecaps, but Sasha was just standing around, along with Jeff. They didn't look to hopeful. "But I swear I could plane on my 5.9," I thought. With that thought George Pav pulled in and after checking out the conditions decided it wasn't good enough to call the baby sitter. He told me he could see the channel from his house, so if I was good on the 5.9 I should go sail over there as a signal for him to make the call to the baby siter and get some West Meadow action. He left and I finished rigging the 5.9. I hit the water, then I was off. As I got away from the beach, I was very powered. I think I saw George's house before he did. About a 1/2 hour later he was back in the parking lot. Now the sandbars were starting to pop out, and I was pretty overpowered on the 5.9. I changed the outhaul setting on my brand new 2010 Northsails Duke and with the glassy smooth water, I was able to hold it down easily. A few minutes later and George was on the water. A few minutes after that he hit his fist vulcan of the day. A few minutes after that , he hit his second. A few minutes after that, he almost hit his first Duck Tack. Soon enough Ryan showed up and was banging out Vulcans left and right. I told him to go for some spocks. He was a little hesitant with the outgoing tide and not being totally familiar with where the sandbars are. After I told him I'd buy him a case of beer, he shifted gears and was ready to go for his first spock. I followed him in shouting, "Think of those Icy Blue mountains" (Coors Light of course being his beer of choice) As soon as he got inside the first sandbar, he made the perfect vulcan, slid it 360 degrees and flipped the sail, but face planted. I thought to myself, "Holy Shit! I'm going to owe him a case of beer." He had many more very close attempts, but just couldn't stay on the board. He's definitely going to be hitting one in the next session or two.

I was in my own zone. I was hitting tricks I hadn't hit since Bonaire. It's amazing what a difference conditions make in your sailing. I had the best freestyle session of the year for me yesterday, and I'm sure West meadow will deliver many more this fall. Tomorrow, Wednesday, looks to be at the total opposite end of what West Meadow has to offer. High tide is around 2 PM so the afternoon shift should deal up some incredible 40 knot, 3.7, 20 foot jump, balls to the wall sailing. Hopefully I'll get some video.

See you in heaven (West Meadow that is)


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