Sunday, October 25, 2009

Easterlies Antics

Friday was yet another easterly forecast for Heckscher. The wind forecast was good for the entire weekend for that matter. However it was looking like Friday would be my only chance at a session. The only fly in the ointment was actually a fellow sailor and good friend of mine named Joe who had come over to build a gate for me. I called him before he got to my house hinting, "maybe it would be a good day to call in sick. It's a steady 25 at Heckscher." "No, no, that's alright, we've got to build the gate sometime." he replied. I watched all the updated windgraphs on Iwindsurf as the gate was being constructed. Hours were ticking by and the gate was being put together piece by agonizing piece. Joe is in by no means slow to construct anything, but when it's blowing, time is counted in passing leaves, clanking windchimes, and howling breezes instead of minutes and hours. Finally around 3 o'clock, the gate was finished. I already had my drysuit on and was helping my favorite handyman pack up his van. "Just let me vacuum up the saw dust" he said. "Dude, screw the sawdust, and lets get our asses to the beach!" With that we were off.

I had lost joe at a light somewhere along the way. When I got to the beach, I had never rigged so fast in my life. It was perfect 4.7 easterly at Heckscher. I had already landed a few shakas, ponches and funnels by the time Joe pulled in to the parking lot. The rest of the day was perfect. 4.7 until dark. And what made it even better was seeing the other guys really going for it. John Markwalter was on a mission to make a shuv-it. The ramps were perfect AND everywhere. I saw him try at least one on each tack in both directions. He also hit some of his regular tricks super smooth. That brand new 99 liter Mistral Joker had John loving life. Kurt was also throwing some forwards, perfect duck tacks and all sorts of other carving moves.

We ended up sailing right to dark and wanting more. It looks like we'll get our wish this week as there are more Easterlies in the forecast.


  1. It was an excellent afternoon all-round, but hell on gates and fences (I need a fence built, but the wind has definitely slowed down that process...)

  2. The anticipation made it all that much better. I managed to block the building of the other gate today and caught another good easterly at heckscher.

  3. Mike, no Burners? I can't wait to call you Mike "the Burner" Burns. Unless you half ass it and we call it "the Flamer" although it might be popular out near San Fran.

  4. Alright Chachi. I'll learn the burner just for you. As soon as we get a day I can sail switch stance without the chop bouncing me out of control it's going to to be burner after burner (more like flamer after flamer) After watching Tonky and Kiri do Burners, EVERYONE else does flamers.