Sunday, November 4, 2018

2019 Severne Psycho and Severne Freek in action.

I'll have a full review of the brand new Severne Psycho freestyle board ready to go shortly. Here's a little action from an underpowered day on the 5.2 Freek and Psycho 102 followed by an overpowered day on the 3.6 and 92 liter. All I can say is the boards are going to be the benchmark the other brands are going to struggle to keep up with.


  1. Hey Mike, had a suspicion you'd be on the Psycho and was right. Look forward to your review. I've got the 102 and totally loving it. It's so fast yet smooth and incredibly agile. Having also ridden many flares and skates it's hard to believe a new freestyle board can be so much better. I tried my mate's 2019 skate 93 and then went straight back to my Psycho 102 and we both agreed the Psycho rode better even though he'd just bought the skate.

  2. Thanks for the input Andy! Glad to see that you are finding the same as me. The Psycho is setting a new benchmark for the freestyle boards. It's the board the other brands need to catch up to. Amazing how much better it is at EVERYTHING compared to the Skate.

    Congrats on the new board!


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