Monday, July 20, 2015

Mike Burns 1st half of 2015

Windsurfing 2015 - The First Half from Mike Burns on Vimeo.

This video is about Windsurf 2015 Project


  1. Nice video!!

    Hi mike.

    I want your mast opinion. Are you still using. No limitz? I am on a flare and 14 and 15 freeks. I have a 370 gorilla. I have a 400 hot sails maui RDm. I think the curve configuration is not the best for the freeks. I am looking at a maui sails katana RDm, severne masts or no limitz. What do u think? Thanks

  2. Hi Glenn,

    Use either the Severne or NoLimitz. Maui are more of a hard top. I know the new Maui masts are more of a constant curve than in the past but haven't tried any of the new Maui masts to try on the Severne) I couldn't find any sort of information as far as the specs for the Severne masts, so we got our hands on a Severne 400 90% RDM and 400cm 75% RDM and sent them over to NoLimitz for a bend test. The NoLimitz Sumo masts are pretty much dead on to the Severne RDM bend. I have Severne RDM 100% and NoLimitz Sumo masts. The sails handle pretty much the same with both masts with the only difference being that the Severne RDM 100s are significantly lighter than the NoLimitz. BUT, you'll never break a NolImitz and they cost MUCH less than a Severne RDM 100. So both will work, just figure out if you want a little cheaper and more durable with the NoLimitz, or ultimate performance with the Severne RDM 100s.

    Those Freeks are incredible sails!!! I can't believe how light handling they are with the durability too!!!

    All the best,