Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Kickoff

What a day! Temps were touching 70 degrees inland and pushing upper 50s at the shore. Today was the first day of the year that I was ok in my wetsuit without gloves or hood. AND WINDY!!! Spring is definitely here. I made it a full day event. The call was to go to Heckscher, and there was a great turnout considering it was a weekday in March. There were about a dozen of us at the beach. I got on the water a little before 10am on the 5.0. It was perfect. Soon enough it was time to switch down to the 4.5, then after about an hour of flipping, sliding and spinning the 4.5 and 89 ltr, the wind really kicked in. From then on it was full power 3.7!! The perfect day!

What the windgraph for a perfect day looks like:

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  1. Full power 4.2 up in Boston, too -- and 3.7 would have done the trick as well. What a sweet day!