Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hatteras 2011

It's been a couple weeks since we got back from our annual spring trip to Cape Hatteras. It's taken us this long to recover from all the sailing we did there. We managed to get 15 out of the 17 days and I didn't need anything bigger than the 5.3. There were more than enough 3.7 days to get really dialed into those conditions. One day Chris Eldridge and I did an upwinder from Ocean Air all the way to the Windsurfing Magazine house which was all the way down by the Canadian Hole. Later on that week Windsurfing Mag dumped off about a dozen 100 to 120 ltr boards at our house to finish up the photoshoot. I rode a Fanatic Falcon that they dropped off that would simply blow right past anything else on the water. That was before really sheeting in! It was a great trip with great friends and I'm really looking forward to our next Hatteras trip. Here's a few clips of one of the days I was on the 4.2 ice & 90 ltr skate.

A Few Clips From Hatteras from Mike Burns on Vimeo.

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