Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to the Usual

The wind has been back up here on Long island. Last week we had what was probably the best day of the summer. It was a full power 4.2 south westerly. Heckscher was definitely the call as the guys on the ocean only had a marginal 5.7 day. Then this week lined up again. Tuesday was a nice 4.7 day. I sailed until I couldn't sail anymore. I got about 6 hours straight in on Tuesday. Here are a few shots from Tuesday thanks to Chris Goodwin, one of our newest freestylers and heckscher Park lifeguard.

Wednesday also had some major potential but things never really came together like they were supposed to. I ended up getting to the beach around 1:00 and sailed on and off 5.3 for a while. Chris ended up rigging up to his 7.5 and was just blasting along. Then suddenly he it a boat wake and snapped his mast all the way out by the red channel marker about 1/2 mile off shore. He ended up getting back in about 45 minutes later. Later on when the wind completely crapped out we worked on some lightwind freestyle. He ended up getting an upwind 360 on the first try and is really getting dialed in sailing backwinded. Thanks Elena for these shots.


  1. yer killin me here...I haven't windsurfed in four weeks!

    I'm gonna have to get me to Heckscher...

  2. It went off yesterday too, but I gotta edit sometime. I'm putting in 2 long ass days editing in a row so I can get out for those easterlies at the end of the week. Looks like Thursday should be best. Remember to go by the gusts on the GSB meter and then add some, maybe lots. If it's gusting to 17 it's a sure thing for the 5.3.

  3. whats new in the gear world? Jibe City has BIG changes Mike..check back in Sept. and I will tell u all. Can u and the fam come to the Cape?

  4. Hey Ann,

    Still with both f2 and jp. There's no other sail worth having after sailing on north so as usual my ices and dukes are on the way.

    What's up wi jibe city?