Friday, September 9, 2016

2017 Fanatic Skate Review

I'm mixing things up for 2017 and I'm back on the Fanatic Skate! I've been able to ride the entire range of Team Edition boards and the Skate doesn't disappoint! I've always been a big fan of freestyle boards, but the ones I like the most are the boards that will also work for the average guy looking to learn to jibe and get planing early. The entire 2017 range does just that. I feel more comfortable than ever in all the new school and old school freestyle tricks and my wife Christina loves them for the early planing and ease of use.

One of the major factors that got me started looking for a board other than the board I was on last year was that the previous brand ditched the power box for a shortened version of a U.S. Box. For 2017 the Fanatic Skate still has a powerbox and I can still use all my favorite Makani Fins that I already own. Now that I've had a taste of all the 2017 sizes, I can say for sure that the Fanatic Skate is the ultimate freestyle board!! Check out the video below for some details and thoughts on the new range.

2017 Fanatic Skate Review from Mike Burns on Vimeo.


  1. Hey Mike,
    Just had a go on my new 2017 Skate 93 with my 4.4 Severne Freek. What an amazing combo. Instantly my switch Konos went to another level as could get so much more speed. The freek is so controlled in ducks and the skate pops up like nothing else. It has the classic fanatic liveliness and perhaps doesn't glide over the chop as smoothly as the flare but seems better for tricks. Have you found any noticeable differences between stock and makani fins? I'll try my makani next time

  2. Hi Andy,

    Glad to here that you're liking the gear so much!! The 4.4 Freek and 93 liter Skate just might be my all time favorite combo!! I did notice also the increased pop that the Skate has and combined with the off the charts handling of the Freek, I feel like anything is possible! I do think the Flare glided over the chop a bit better, but it's a trade of for more pop and better jumping.

    I never even bothered to try the stock fin that came with the Skate. Every other stock fin I've ever tried is slower than the Makani Koi, so I would assume you'll feel even a bigger performance boost!

    All the best,