Monday, May 30, 2016

Phil and Mike in Cape Hatteras 2016

We had another great trip to Cape Hatteras again for 2016. It's not only my favorite place to windsurf, but also my favorite place to just chill out and relax. Phil and his brother Tom were there for a couple week with us and we had wind 6 days a week which isn't uncommon for Cape Hatteras in April. The first 5 days of the trip were a consistent 30-35 knots, so 4.0 and 3.6 was the call. I also had some fun with the 3.6 on my 81 liter Starboard Flare. Perfect for when the wind is cranking and the 93 liter is just too big.

Big thanks to my wife Christina, Ace, and Dima for shooting!

Cape Hatteras 2016 from Mike Burns on Vimeo.


  1. Replies
    1. Geez nice vid there Mike. Especially like your slo-mo burner around 2:20.
      Was just about to sell my 2016 Flare 93 but watching this gives me second thoughts. I've heard reports from my mate in Jeri of this board not getting a good reputation and so I'm suss about mine (even with the new Makani fin), but still looks totally fine for you and Phil in this vid. Do I take the plunge and upgrade to 2017 (with the US box) or switch back to the Skate like you did?
      Decisions decision...

  2. Hey Andy,

    It's a tough call.... I don't think there's wrong answer unless you need a weed fin. I feel like the 93 liter Flare gives you a little more room for error than the 93 Skate, but the 93 Skate lets you go bigger... It's a trade off... The 93 flare is a bigger board even though they are the same volume. It's almost splitting the difference between the 100 and 93 Skate. I honestly don't prefer one 93 over the other. I would imagine that the 2017 Flare in the Ultracore reflex construction is amazing being 2 pounds lighter than the 2016! But, I can't put a weedfin in it because it's not a standard U.S. box which is why I switched to Fanatic to begin with.... I do like the the 86 liter skate better than the 81 liter flare with those extra 5 liters and the 100 liter skate is boatloads, and I mean lots, lots, lots better than the 103 Flare. It's faster, planes earlier and jibes better. But there's something about that 93 liter Flare that just rocks! The 93 liter skate rocks too though! With those two 93 liter boards it comes down to the fin box...... Skate is powerbox and Flare is a 5.5 inch And in the U.S. the retail price for the 2017 Skate TE is $2,300.00 and Flare Ultracore reflex is $2,800.00....


  3. Thanks for all the cool feedback Mike. Well I sold my flare 93 as just not working for me. Now I'm considering getting a skate 93 and I already have the power box makani 18 so should work well. I got a Kode freewave94 for more freewave sailing too and upgrading to makani fins in that one. The Kode will need a good 20 knots+ and ramps so could just use the skate in flatter conditions. Could maybe get the 100 instead of 93 as I'll be using it more in 4.8 to 5.2 sort of conditions. U think that would work better than 93?

  4. Hi Andy,

    I think for 4.8 and 5.2 the 100 would be the call, especially if you're using it for flat water condition. It's so much more alive and ready to pop with the 5.2 on it than the 93 Skate. I'll be using the 100 every time I use the 5.2 and split the 4.8 between the 100 and 93 depending on how much jumping there is compared to sliding moves.